Watermelon Flaxseeds Smoothie is one of my favorite Smoothie because not only it tastes yum but, it’s made with two of the most healthy and nutritious ingredients, Watermelon and Flaxseeds.

Health benefits of Watermelons are uncountable, it has high level of Lycopene which has anti Cancer and anti inflammatory properties. It contains Citrulline, an Amino acid which reduces fat in our body. Its is also hydrating in nature and contains lots of Vitamins.

Flaxseeds, one of the oldest consumed food item, is considered very good for you Heart as it contains essential fatty acids that reduces Cholesterol. Besides containing fibers, flavonoids , it also contain an anti oxidant called Ligan, which is very good for your digestive system, boost immunity and has anti ageing properties.

This superb combinations makes it one of the healthiest smoothies which can help in weight loss, makes you look young, boost immunity , prevent Cancer and Heart diseases. Presenting below, Watermelon Flaxseeds Smoothie recipe which is great in taste and very good for your body.



1 cup of cleaned, peeled and deseeded Watermelon chunks (dices)

2 tablespoon of Flaxseeds

1/2 cup of low fat Yogurt (Dahi)

1 tablespoon of Natural Honey ( You can increase or decrease its amount if you want smoothie to be more/less sweet)


1. Place all the smoothie ingredients at one place.


2. Now put cleaned, peeled and deseeded Watermelon chunks (dices), Flaxseeds and Honey in the Blender and blend it well to form a smooth paste. Make sure that you Flaxseeds have been powdered and gelled together with all the other ingredients.


3. Add Yogurt into it and blend it again for 20 more seconds so that all things get mixed together. Remember not to over blend it after adding Yogurt.


Pour this gorgeous smoothie in a glass and enjoy it any time. Watermelon Flaxseeds Smoothie is amazingly healthy beautifully delicious. Enjoy!




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