Smoothies are great for our body as they contain all the essential nutrients required to kick start the day.

Walnuts are considered best nut available for our heart, it has high amount of Alpha-Linoliec Acid which is being proven effective in reducing the risk of heart attack. Also it has l-arginine amino acid which aid in improving blood circulation in our body. It contains considerable amount of Vitamin E, Manganese and Copper which are good for your overall health.

Banana is considered a great food for providing energy and stamina. Full of Fibers, rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Carbohydrates this super fruit is good for your Heart and Stomach.

I have already posted one very healthy smoothie recipe which includes Banana here.

Walnut and Banana Fruit Smoothie is a great drink to consume both super healthy Walnuts and Banana at one go. Loaded with heart healthy ingredient, its a must try.



10 Halves of Walnut (Akhrot)

1 Banana, Peeled, sliced and frozen for about an hour (freezing of Banana slices will make Smoothie more smoother)

1 cup of low fat Milk

1/4 cup of low fat Yogurt (Dahi)

1 tablespoon of Natural Honey ( You can increase or decrease its amount if you want smoothie to be more/less sweet)



1. Put all the smoothie ingredients at one place. 


2. Now put Walnut halves, frozen Banana slices and Honey in the Blender and blend them well to form a smooth paste.


3. Add Milk and Yogurt into it and blend it again for 20 more seconds so that all things get mixed together. Remember not to over blend it after adding Milk and Yogurt.


Pour prepared smoothie in a glass, and get indulged in the rich and creamy flavors of both Banana and Walnut. Trust me this smoothie is super tasty and must try. It will certainly help you to kick start your day on a great note if you have it in your Breakfast. Do try this fruit Smoothie!


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