Falahari Namkeen (for fasting) recipe with step by step pictures

Falahari Namkeen is a delicious and healthy fasting snack which you can make it and store it for fasting period’s consumption. The sun dried potato shreds (Aloo laccha) give this Falahari Namkeen a great texture and super addictive taste. Presenting below the recipe of Falahari Namkeen with sun dried potato shreds, its yum, do try ūüôā

Falahari Namkeen

Falahari Namkeen Ingredients:

1 cup ~ 240 ml approximately

Potatoes (Aloo) – 4 large sized

Peanuts (Moongphali) – 1 cup

Melon (Magaz) seeds ‚Äst1/4th cup

Puffed fox nuts (Makhana) – 4 cups

Oil – For frying potato shreds. I have used refined sunflower oil.

Clarified butter (Ghee) – 2 tablespoons

Salt – as per taste

Red chili flakes ( Kuti Lal Mirch) ‚Äď 1 tablespoons, In place of chili flakes, you can use red chili powder also.

Falahari Namkeen Method:

1. Take around four large sized potatoes, preferably which are used for making potato chips and fries. You can get them very easily in the local vegetable market. You can also go for russet potato variety, if available.

2. Wash, clean and peel the potatoes and place them in a water such that all potatoes are completely submerged.

3. Now we need to grate the potatoes to make thick shreds out of them. And, for that, use the grater with thickest blade you have, as shown in the picture below.

4. Grate potato to make grated shreds out of them.

5. Once you grate a potato, immediately put grated potato shreds in a bowl filled with water.

6. If you don’t have grater with you, you can horizontally cut the potato to make thin slices using a knife as shown in the picture below.

7. Once you have cut 4-6 potato slices, stack them up and slice them `into thin fingers or shreds as shown in the picture below.

8.. Immediately put the chopped or grated potatoes in a large bowl.

9. Once all potatoes are grated, strain them from the water and put them into a large pan, in which we will be boiling them with water.

10. Fill up the pan with water, mix the potato shreds with water and then strain them. Repeat this process one more time. This will remove all the excess starch from the potato shreds and ensure that potato shreds shall not become sticky after boiling or cooking.

11. Finally, place them in another bowel and fill it with water such that all potato shreds are submerged in water.

12. In the large pan ( in which we have washed the potato shreds) put enough water for boiling. I have used around 1.5 liters of water, but it depends upon the size of your pan. Once water comes to a roaring boil, add rock salt as per taste into it.

13. Then add the strained potato shreds into the boiling water on high flame.

14. Wait for water to come to boil once again on high flame stirring occasionally. Turn the flame to medium high and cook it for about 4-5 minutes till potato shreds are almost cook.

15. After 4-5 minutes, scoop out some potato shreds in a large spoon.

16. Press a potato shred between your thumb and index finger. Its cooked if the shred gets mashed easily.

17. Switch off the flame and immediately strain them. Its important not to over cook it, hence we should check the potato shreds after 4 minutes, this will ensure that shreds are not overcooked or mushy.

18. Place them on a large tray.

19. Now spread them evenly over a cotton cloth.Do not spread them in a plastic sheet as it is difficult to remove potato shreds from plastic sheets and they will break down into many pieces. Spread potato shreds uniformly in such a way that each shred is almost separated from other shreds. This is a time taking procedure and also requires patience and hence it is advisable to do this indoor. 

20. Once all shreds are spread over the cotton cloth. Place them into Sunlight for a whole day. This will make them dry.

21. During the night keep them indoor, in a room with fan running on full speed. This will ensure that your potato shreds are dried up in the night also. On next morning, gently peel the shreds from the cotton cloth. Again show them Sunlight for 2-3  hours.

22. Your potato shreds are ready for frying and will look like the picture below.

23.  Heat sufficient Oil (I have used refined Sunflower Oil) in a Pan/Wok. Once heated, put some dried potato shreds or Lacchas into the oil. They will get fluffy and fried immediately as shown them in the picture below.

24. Take them out with the help of strainer and keep them on a plate with tissue paper.

25. Fry remaining potato shreds in batches similarly.

26. Put peanuts into a heated pan on a medium flame.

27. Roast peanuts over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until they are roasted with light brown patches on the peanuts.

28. Now put Melon seeds (Magaz ke Beej) on the same heated pan.

29. Roast them on low flame, stirring continuously. Remove them when they get puffed up and changes their color to light golden brown.

30. Now heat clarified butter or ghee in the same pan on medium low heat.

31. Add Puffed fox nuts (Makhana) into the pan.

32. Saute puffed fox nuts or Phool Makhana, stirring continuously on a medium flame till they are turned light golden brown in color and crispy in texture.

33. Now place crispy puffed fox nuts (Makhana), roasted melon (Magaz) seeds, roasted peanuts and fried potato shreds into a very large pan.

34. Add rock salt (as per taste) and red chilli flakes (you can use red chili powder also) in it.

35. Mix all things together, gently with your clean and dry hands such that all things are mixed evenly as shown in the picture below.

Tasty, crunchy and supper addictive Falahari  Namkeen is ready to be munched any time during fasting. Its healthy, nutritious and very filling. This Falahari  Namkeen is so delicious that you can make and store it for anytime use. My kid love this and I am sure your family will also like this.

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Falahari Namkeen


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