Vada Pav is one such dish that needs no introduction. Vada Pav is the most humble and popular street food across the country. Though it is native to Mumbai, Maharashtra, but it is now popular in almost every city. You can also call it Mumbai’s very own desi burger. 

Vada Pav

Vada Pav, as the name itself suggests, has two key components; i.e., Vada (Batata Vada or spicy and deep fried potato patties) and Pav (Ladi Pav or soft and small loaf of bread), along with some other important ingredients like green chutney, dry garlic chutney, butter and fried green chilies etc. 

Vada Pav can be enjoyed at any time in a day like for breakfast, as an evening tea time snack, as it is a perfect accompaniment wih a cup of hot Indian style masala or ginger tea, when served with some fried and salted green chilies, and garlic chutney. It is a lip smacking and finger licking street food and I bet you can’t resist yourself eating more than one at a time.

Making Vada Pav is simple, all you need are fresh and soft ladi pav, batata vada, green chutney, dry garlic chutney, butter and some fried green chilies. Just toast the ladi pav in some butter, spread both the chutneys on either side of pav and place a batata vad in between and voila!! you are done. Delicious Vada Pav is ready to relish. 

So let’s start making Vada Pav at home and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for Dry Garlic Chutney:

Garlic- 1/2 cup, roughly chopped

Coconut- 1/2 cup, grated (You can use desiccated coconut too)

Red Chili Powder- 1/4 cup (I used kashmiri red chili powder for a bright color and for a not so hot chutney)

Roasted Peanuts- 1/8 cup

Salt- As per your taste

Oil- 1 teaspoon (I have used refined sunflower oil.)

Method for making Dry Garlic Chutney:

1. Heat oil in a pan and saute garlic in it till raw aroma goes away. Be careful and don’t over fry or burn garlic.


2. Turn off the flame and now add coconut to it. Coconut gets burn soon so if we add it after turning off the flame it well get roasted from the heat of the pan and garlic without getting over roasted.


3. Add pre-roasted and peeled groundnuts and saute gain for a minute or two.


4. Allow them to cool down and then transfer them to an electric grinder.


5. Add red chili powder and salt. Grind into a coarse powder. Do not grind it continuously else coconut and ground nut will release their oil and it will look like a lump. So grind it for 10 seconds and then pause for 5 seconds. Repeat this process till you achieve the consistency of a coarse powder.


6. Chutney is ready you can even enjoy it with hot batata vada or with vada pav. It will taste delicious in either way.


Assembling the  Vada Pav.

Ingredients for Vada Pav:

Ladi Pav- 6 or as required.

Batata Vada- 5-6 or as required, for recipe click here

Green Chutney- As required, for recipe click here

Sweet Chutney- As required, for recipe click here (Optional, I haven’t added as I don’t like the sweet notes in my Vada Pav.  However, you can use it if you prefer, its all up to you).

Dry Garlic Chutney- As required.

Butter- 2 tablespoon

Fried Green Chilies- 5-6, or as required

Method for making Vada Pav:

1. Take 5-6 fresh ladi pav. The most important thing to make delicious vada pav is taking fresh ladi pav so make sure the ladi pav you choose should be freshly baked or packed.


2. Slit ladi pav from the center keeping one end intact, the way we do while making stuffed vegetables.


3. Heat butter in a pan or girdle, be careful and do not burn the butter.


4. Toast the ladi pav in it.


5.  Take a ladi pav and spread green chutney on both sides. If using sweet chutney too then spraed green chutney on one side and sweet chutney on the other side of ladi pav. I haven’t used sweet chutney so i spread green chutney only on both sides.


6. Now spread dry garlic chutney over it, on both sides.


7. Now place a freshly fried batata vada over it.


8. Prepare all vada pav in the same way.

Vada Pav

9. Serve them immediately with some dry garlic chutney and fried green chilies and enjoy.

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Vada Pav


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