Its summer time and in India and we get lots of tropical fruits here, specially different types of Melons and Mangoes. Summer season is best time to have these wonderful and nutritious fruits and what a best way to have them as a tropical fruit salad. This salad tastes absolutely divine and refreshing as it has Mint flavored light dressing which enhances all the flavors. Good for your health specially digestive and immune system, do try this wonderful recipe of tropical fruit salad.



1 cup of cleaned and peeled Muskmelon cubes

1 cup of cleaned and peeled Watermelon cubes

1 cup of cleaned and peeled Papaya cubes

1 cup of cleaned and peeled Pineapple cubes

1 cup of cleaned and peeled Honeydew Melon cubes

1 cup of cleaned and peeled Mango cubes

1 tablespoon of finely chopped fresh Mint leaves

Juice of a fresh Lemon

2 tablespoon of Sugar ( You can reduce it to 1 tablespoon if you want your salad to be less sweet)

1/2 cup of water


1. First step is to put all the tropical fruit salad ingredients at one place. There is a lot of cleaning, peeling and cutting that needs to be done before that. Make sure that you clean, peel and cut the fruits as per the above mentioned amount. You can always exchange some fruits with different fruits of your choice and increase/decrease the ratio of fruits as per your choice. But, do ensure that total you have six cups of fruits in quantity and also make sure that any fruit of your choice should be firm, juicy and citrus (in short Tropical).  Collect all the ingredients at one place as shown below.


2. In a heated Pan with water in it, add sugar and bring it to boil.


3. Boil the mixture till it reduced to half of the amount and achieves thin syrupy consistency. After that add finely chopped Mint leaves into it and immediately switch off the heat. Mix it well and allow it to cool for 2 minutes only. After two minutes add juice of a fresh Lemon into it and mix it well.


4. Put all the fruit cubes into a large bowl.


5. Pour Mint and Lemon flavored Sugar syrup over the fruit cubes and mix all things together gently with a spatula.


Absolutely delightful and refreshingly tasty tropical fruit salad is ready to be served to beat the summer blues. Enjoy!



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