Presenting a very delicious and tempting Three Cheese Pasta. As the name itself tells, this Pasta recipe is made with three types of Cheese. This is one of the most loved and cherished recipe of my family. Everyone is ever ready to enjoy this mouth watering delicacy. It is easy to make but super yummy to taste.

In this recipe I have used Penne Pasta, however, you can use any other Pasta shape of your choice like Fussili, Elbow Pasta etc. but don’t use Spaghetti Pasta for this recipe. Also, you can more veggies of your choice like Olives, Mushrooms etc. It’s all up to you. The more veggies you will add, more flavorful and crunchy it will.

In this Three Cheese Pasta recipe, I have added fresh juicy organic tomatoes. The best thing about these tomatoes is that they impart a beautiful and natural red color to the recipe and also they are not sour, unlike regular tomatoes. Also if you don’t have Paprika powder then you can also add Kashmiri red Chili powder, but Paprika powder gives a better taste in this recipe.

I call this Pasta Three Cheese Pasta because I have added three types of Cheese in it, however, if you don’t have Vegetarian Parmesan or Cheddar cheese with you then you can easily skip this step. Mozzarella is a crucial ingredient of this recipe, unlike the two other cheese variants. But it tastes divine when made with all the three Cheese variants. You can actually see and taste the difference. Though many times even I make Pasta with only Mozzarella cheese.

One most important point of this recipe is to add the Vegetarian  Parmesan Cheese just before serving the Pasta, never add Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese too early. 

So here is the step by step recipe of Three Cheese Pasta:


Penne Pasta- 2 cups

Salt- A pinch

Water- Enough to boil Pasta

Olive Oil- 3 tablespoon + 1 tablespoon

For Sauce:

Tomatoes- 4-5, large size

Onions- 3, medium size (sliced)

Garlic- 6-7 cloves (coarsely chopped)

Salt- As per your taste

Tomato Ketchup- 2 tablespoon


Oregano- 1 tablespoon

Basil- 1 tablespoon

Paprika Powder- 1 tablespoon


Red Bell Pepper- 1/2 cup, diced

Yellow Bell Pepper- 1/2 cup, diced

Corn Kernels- 1/2 cup, par boiled

Broccoli- 1/2 cup, cut into florets


Mozzarella Cheese- 1/4 cup, grated

Cheddar Cheese- 1/4 cup, grated

100% Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese – 2 tablespoon , grated (you can have this more if you want)


1. Boil 6 cups water in a pan and add a pinch of salt in it. When water boils completely add pasta in it and cook it for 10 minutes. Keep stirring and checking in between. Don’t overcook the pasta, it should be just al dante or just cooked.

2. Meanwhile, blanch the tomatoes.


3. When pasta is done take it out in a colander and strain excess water. Rub 1 tablespoon of olive oil in pasta so that it doesn’t stick to each other on cooling.


4. Heat 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil in a pan and add chopped garlic and onions in it and mix well. Saute over medium flame for 2 minutes. Don’t overcook or burn them. Onions should be just light pink and translucent in color.


5. Keep onions and garlic aside and allow them to cool down. Meanwhile peel the blanched tomatoes also. Now take thee fried onions, garlic and blanched tomatoes in a blender and blend into a semi smooth puree.


6. Again heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and add chopped veggies into it. Stir fry these veggies over medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Don’t cook the veggies completely, there should be a little crunch in the veggies as it enhances the taste and texture of the pasta.


7. Add tomato puree to this and saute over medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Now add Oregano and Basil to this and mix well.


8. Add salt and mix well.


9. Add Tomato Ketchup and mix well.


10. Add Paprika powder and mix well.


11. Add par boiled Corn Kernels and mix well. Saute over medium flame for 2 minutes till sauce starts thickening.


12. Add grated Mozzarella cheese and Cheddar cheese and mix well gently. Saute for 1 minute over medium flame.


Add boiled and cooled Pasta and mix well. Saute for 1 minute over medium flame and turn the flame off. Pasta is ready, serve it hot. Before serving, garnish it with freshly grated  Vegetarian Parmesan cheese and enjoy.


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