Thandai recipe with its step by step pictures. Let us make Thandai this festive season. 


Thandai is a cold, milk based drink prepared with a mixture of various dry fruits and flavoring agents like rose essence and saffron. It has originated in India and is mainly prepared and enjoyed in Maha Shivaratri and Holi festival. In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, it is thought to be an energy and refreshing drink. In fact the very famous and renowned brand of the ready to use Thandai mix, Mishrambu is a native to Varanasi.

When Bhang is added in the thandai, it becomes a mildly intoxicating drink, that is very popular in the North India on Holi festival. For this, a small amount of the bhang (cannabis leaves and buds) is mixed in Thandai, along with the other ingredients. But don’t worry, here I haven’t added any Bhang in this recipe so that you can enjoy it without any doubts.


The fresh, homemade Thandai tastes absolutely delicious, far better and superior to the readymade Thandai mixes, that are available in the market.  The aroma of fennel, cardamom, pepper, and saffron rises atop the dense flavor of boiled milk when combined with the crunch of Almonds and Pistachios, rejuvenates your taste buds. 

Thandai is also known as Sardai in some parts of India. The word thandai means a coolant, as it contains natural cooling agents like rose petals, fennel seeds, and chilled milk etc. A perfect blend of so many dry fruits, milk, sugar, rose essence and saffron, this summer cooler drink is absolutely heavenly and sinfully tempting. For those who are Milkoholic like me, this drink is too tempting to resist.

So let’s start making Thandai and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients to make Thandai:

Main Ingredients:

Milk- 4 cups

Rose Essence- Few drops

Sugar- 5-6 tablespoon or as per your taste.

To Be Soaked:

Almonds- 1/3 cup

Cashew- 1/4 cup

Pistachios- 1/4 cup

Poppy Seeds- 2 tablespoon

Melon Seeds- 2 tablespoon

Fennel Seeds- 2 tablespoon

White Peppercorns- 20-25

To Be Grind into Powder:

Green Cardamoms- 5-6

Black Peppercorns- 10

For Garnishing:

Saffron Threads- Few, roasted and crushed

Pistachios- 8-10, blanched and chopped

Rose Petals- Few

How to makeThandai:

1. Let’s start with collecting all the ingredients.


2. Soak all the ingredients (to be soaked) together in a bowl with sufficient water for at least 5-6 hours or overnight. It is best to soak the ingredients overnight if you want to enjoy Thandai in the morning or afternoon.


3. Next morning, using an electric mixer, grind all the ingredients into a smooth paste adding a little milk (if required).


4. Take milk in a pan and bring it to a boil.


5. Turn the flame off and allow the boiled milk to cool down a bit.


6. Reserve 2 tablespoon of milk and soak saffron threads in it and keep it aside.


7. Add sugar in milk and mix it till sugar crystals dissolve completely.


8. Add the dry fruits paste.


9. Crush black peppercorns and green cardamoms into a fine powder, with the help of a mortar and pestle and add it to the milk and stir it well.


10. Add rose essence in the milk.


11. Add saffron in it and refrigerate the milk for 3-4 hours.


12. When milk is perfectly chilled take it out from the refrigerator and strain.


13. Discard the dry fruits mix and keep the strained milk aside.


14. Thandai is ready to serve, pour into glasses of your choice and garnish with chopped pistachios and saffron

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Note: Always add sugar after the milk has boiled and cooled down a bit, else it may curdle the milk.

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