Strawberry is one of  those rare fruits which is cherished by both children as well as adults also and same with the Strawberry Shake, its a drink which is loved and cherished by people of all ages. Hubby brought fresh strawberries from market and packets were lying in my fridge so decided to make strawberry shake. Its a great summer cooler and a refreshing drink as well. Perfect breakfast or evening time beverage for kids also. 

I made this strawberry shake using fresh strawberries only without any ice cram. However you may also make it using ice cream and also strawberry syrup for garnishing and that extra tang of flavor. I generally avoid using artificial colors and flavors in my recipes.

If your strawberries are fresh and sweet than you can also skip adding sugar and serve it plain as fresh strawberries will impart their natural sweetness in the strawberry shake. Also you can replace sugar with honey, it will make this shake perfect for weight watchers and for those suffering from diabetes.


Strawberry- 1 cup + reserve few for garnishing

Milk- 2 cups

Sugar- As per your taste


1. Clean the strawberries thoroughly with water and pat dry them (cleaning is the most important step while using strawberries in any form) and later chop them.


2. In a blender add chopped strawberries and sugar.


3. Blend into a smooth puree. You can also coarsely blend the puree if you want to have some bites of strawberry in your drink.


4. Add milk and again blend well till both milk and strawberry puree mix well and give a nice creamy and frothy texture.  Yummy strawberry milk shake is ready to serve. Enjoy….


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