Sabudana Vada recipe with step by step pictures

Tapioca Sago or Sabudana is an Indian variety of Sago that is used for preparing dishes that are consumed in fasting period. It is a processed food product which is also considered good for infants and convalescing person.I just love any sort of Sabudana preparation, its light and very fulling. Presenting Below is very tasty Sabudana Vada or Savoury Tapioca Sago fritters. Hope you guys like it.

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada Ingredients:

2 cups soaked Sabudana ( 1 cup original)

Note: Sabudana needs to be soaked for minimum of 10 hours, better if you do it overnight. Other wise the final dish will not come out as desired. Take 1 Cup of Sabudana in a large bowl and add water to it till it exactly reaches the top layer of Sabudana in the bowl (This step is very important), Cover it and leave it aside for minimum of 10 hours.  After that store it in Refrigerator and you can consume it within 2-3 days.

1 large Potato

1/3 cup of Peanuts

2 tablespoon of fresh Coriander leaves, chopped

1 inch piece of fresh Ginger, grated

A teaspoon of roasted Cumin powder (Jeera powder)

1 teaspoon of red Chili flakes

1/2 teaspoon of dry Mango powder (Amchoor)

1 Green Chili, Finely chopped

Rock Salt (Sendha Namak) as per taste.

Refined Sunflower oil for frying.

Sabudana Vada Method:

1. Roast the peanuts over a heated flat pan, till it start releasing oil. About 2 minutes.


2. Coarsely ground it in a grinder. Do not create a fine powder.


3. Take soaked Sabudana along with roasted and grounded Peanuts, grated Ginger, mashed boiled Potato, Red Chili flakes , Cumin powder, dry Mango powder, Rock Salt as per taste, chopped green Chilies and Coriander in a large bowel.


4. Mix it well and knead it like flour so that all things gets gelled into each other as shown below in the picture.


5. Grease your Palm and take a small portion of the mixture and give it a shape of a circular Patty or Tikki. Roll it gently inside your hand so all the edges are smooth.


6. Repeat the step 5 for remaining dough. For the above measured ingredients, we will have around 10 such vada ready to be  deep fried in oil.


7. Fry them in batches in hot oil over medium flame.


8. Flip to other side when the side inside hot oil turn golden brown. Fry them till both the side are evenly good golden brown in color. Take them out once done.


Crispy, Crunchy and Absolutely yummy fasting snack is ready to be served with green coriander chutney. Enjoy them with a hot cup of Masala Chai.

Sabudana Vada

These fritters or vadas taste best when served immediately as they are crunchy and crispy, If you leave them for serving it later they may become soft. So better to fry them when you want to serve it immediately. Just create patties and store them for later use. If you are preparing it for fasting then you can have it with chutneys which are specially made for fasting.

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Sabudana Vada


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