When I first tasted Red Velvet Cake few years back, I just felt the need to replicate it as soon as possible, and it took me nearly three years to do that :-). Being a vegetarian, I researched for an egg less Red Velvet cake recipe colored with all natural colors.

I came to know that Red Velvet Cake was initially made with mixing natural Cocoa powder with cake mixture and then during great depression and World War II people start using Beetroots for enhancing the red color of it. Then in early fifties artificial food colors got introduced as a replacement of Beets. Also, initially it was not Butter Cream frosting but frosting prepared with cooking flour and milk and mixing it into Butter and Sugar which is called as Butter Roux frosting or Ermine frosting was used to cover the cake.

So presenting below my all natural and egg less red velvet cake version with original Butter Roux frosting or Ermine frosting. It has Beets and has rich, dense texture. Do try this!


Egg less Red Velvet Cake Ingredients (for one cake round):

2 medium sized Beetroots

1/4 cup of Water

1/2 cup of refined Oil ( you can use Canola or any refined Oil, I have used Sunflower Oil)

1 cup of White sugar ( powder the Sugar using grinder)

1/2 cup of Milk

2 teaspoon of White Vinegar

1/2 cup of Yogurt (Dahi)

1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence or extract

1 and 1/2 cup of plain flour

a pinch of Salt

1 and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1 tablespoon of natural Cocoa powder

Butter Roux frosting or Ermine frosting ingredients:

3 tablespoon of all purpose flour

1 cup of fresh full cream Milk

1 cup of White sugar ( powder the sugar using grinder)

220 grams of Butter

1 tablespoon of Vanilla essence or extract

Egg less Red Velvet Cake Method:

1. Wash the beets to remove any dirt from them and the pressure cook them in water (just enough to cover the beets) for three whistles on medium flame.  Remember, not to peel the skin of Beets as cooking the Beets with skin intact ensure maximum red color retention. Allow the pressure to subside by keeping it aside.


2. When pressure gets released, open the lid of the pressure Cooker. Allow the beets to cool down completely and then peel the Beets using your hands. Slice and clean the top and bottom edges of Beets using a knife.


3. Roughly chop the Beets as shown in below picture.


4. Blend the Beets with 1/4th cup of Water to make fine and smooth Beetroot puree.

5. Put pureed Beet mixture in a bowl and keep it aside for later use.


6. In a blender add refined Oil, Milk and White Sugar as shown in the picture below.


7. Blend it to form a smooth paste.


8. Place blended Sugar, Milk and Oil mixture in a large bowl and add 2 teaspoon of White Vinegar into it and mix it well.


9. Add Yogurt into the mixture and give it a quick whisk.


10. Now add Vanilla essence or extract into it and again give a quick whisk.

11. Add the pureed Beets into it.


12. Give a quick whisk to it and keep aside this red colored mixture for later use.


13. Sift together Flour, Salt, Baking powder and Cocoa powder through a large Sieve such that all things gets mixed together evenly.


14. This will also ensure that no lump is presence in the flour that can really make the cake bad.


15. Grease the baking pan with Butter or Oil and pre-heat the Oven at 180 degree Centigrade or 350 degree Fahrenheit.


16. Gently mix the flour in red mixture.


17. Just mix it enough so that all things comes together. Do not over mix or whisk the batter which can release the glutton in flour and turn your cake really bad.


18. Pour the cake batter on baking tray.


19. Bake the mixture for around 30-35 minutes or until cake is cooked completely.


20. After taking it out from Oven and removing it from baking dish. Keep it aside to cool down down completely. Once cooled, cover it in a cling film and keep it in refrigerator.

I have prepared two such cakes for my final Red Velvet cake with Butter frosting. I again repeated the above steps to prepare one more cake round.  So now, I have two cake round for frosting and final assembly of Red Velvet Cake.


21. Now to start preparing the frosting, take a cup of full cream Milk and 3 tablespoon of plain flour in a sauce pan.


22. Whisk it well so that both things get mixed together and there are no lumps of flour in the milk.


23. Now place the mixture in Sauce pan on a very low heat and continue whisking it till the mixture becomes thick and attain sauce like consistency. 


24. Pour the cooked mixture into a bowl and cover the prepared sauce with Cling film such that cling wrap touches the surface of the sauce (this will ensure that no thick layer is formed over its surface) and allow the mixture to cool down completely to room temperature.


25. In another large bowl put butter and powdered white Sugar.


26. Whisk Sugar and Butter well to form a fluffy mixture. You can use electric whisker to do your job, but I have done it using a hand whisker. Add Vanilla essence or extract into it and again whisk it well.


27. Remove the cling wrap from the prepared sauce (when it gets cool down completely).


28. Add the sauce into the whipped Butter mixture.


29. Whip the mixture again to form a smooth frosting. You can do this with electric whisker.


30. Apply this Butter frosting on top of the first cake round.


31. Ensure that frosting is leveled and covering the cakes top.


32. Now place the second cake on top of the first cake and cover all the sides of cake with frosting using Butter Knife or plain spatula.


33. Make sure that frosting has covered the entire cake evenly.


34. Decorate the cake with frosting nozzle of your choice. 


35. Super delicious all natural  and egg less Red Velvet Cake is ready to be served.


36. Decorate the cake more by cake crumbs and serve it.


Rich, dense, flavorful egg less Red Velvet Cake is ready to be served to your friends and family.


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