Puran Poli is a sweet stuffed flat bread from the Maharashtrian cuisine of India, made during Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi or Diwali or other festive or celebratory occasions.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a Maharashtrian flat bread stuffed with sweet lentils filling. In Marathi language, the sweet lentils filling is called Puran and the flat bread is called as Poli. There are many variations in making Puran Poli based on their ingredients, but the two main variations are the Maharashtrian Puran Poli, Gujrati Puran Poli and the Karnataka style Puran Poli. 

Maharashtrian Puran Poli: The filling is made with Split Bengal Gram (Chana Dal), Jaggery and is flavored with Nutmeg and Cardamom Powder.

Gujrati Puran Poli: The filling is made with Split Pigeon Pea (Tuar Dal), Jaggery and flavored with Nutmeg Powder.

Karnataka Style Puran Poli: The filling is made with Jaggery, Coconut and flavored with either Nutmeg Powder or Cardamom Powder or even both. 

Rolling a perfect Puran Poli is a highly skilled task. In the above-mentioned varieties, the Maharashtrian Puran Poli made with Split Bengal Gram is very popular and once made it stays fresh for at least 2-3 days. Here I have made the Maharashtrian Puran Poli and I will also upload the recipe of Gujrati Puran poli soon.

In this recipe, I have also added saffron both in the filling and in the dough. In the filling, it imparts a nice flavor and aroma while when added to the dough it gives it beautiful pale yellow color along with its flavor and aroma, though adding saffron is optional and you can skip it if you want. I learned to make Puran Poli from Bharti Aunty (my friend’s mother during my Nagpur stay)

So let’s start making Puran Poli and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for making Puran Poli:

For Puran (Filling)

Chana Dal- 1cup

Water- 2.5 cup

Jaggery- 1 cup

Cardamom- 3-4, powdered

Nutmeg powder- 1/4 teaspoon

Saffron 7-8 strands, soaked in lukewarm milk

For Poli (Dough for Poli):

All Purpose Flour- 1 cup

Whole Wheat Flour- 1 cup

Salt- 1/2teaspoon

Ghee-  2 teaspoon + extra for toasting poli

Water- As required

Saffron- 6-7 strands, soaked in lukewarm milk

The method of making Puran Poli:

1. Soak chana dal for 2-3 hours and then pressure cook it for 3-4 whistles or till it gets cooked. Make sure it should not get over cooked. Here you can see the perfect texture of cooked chana dal.


2. Strain the dal with the help of a strainer.


3. Heat a nonstick pan and add the cooked chana dal and jaggery in it.


4. Mash and mix it with the help of a spatula. As jaggery will start to melt it will be very thin in consistency. Continue stirring and cooking.


5. Add green cardamom powder and mix well.


6. Meanwhile soak saffron strands in 2 tablespoon of lukewarm milk and keep it aside.


7. Now add nutmeg powder in the dal and jaggery mix it well. It will start to thicken up, so keep scraping the pan from sides and bottom to prevent sticking.


8. Lastly, add soaked saffron in it and mix it really well.


9. Now the puran or the filling is ready. If you want to check whether the consistency of the puran is perfect or not, take a spoon and insert it vertically in the center. If it stands like this then it is ready, turn off the stove and if spoon falls down then it needs to cook more. Allow the puran to cool down to room temperature.


10. Now start preparing for the poli. In a big mixing bowl take all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, salt and mix them well.


11. Make a well in the center and add ghee in it. Mix it well with your fingers.


12. Add soaked saffron in it and again mix well using your fingertips.


13. Using water as required, knead the flour mix into a soft dough. Cover it and keep it aside for at least 15- 20 minutes.


14. Till tat time the puran will be ready (cooled down to room temperature) to stuff inside the poli.


15.Now take a small ball size amount from the dough.


16. Make a well in the center of it, giving it the appearance of a bowl.


17. Stuff puran inside it in generous quantity.


18. Bring the edges together and seal them.


19. Flatten it lightly and very delicately using your palms.


20. Slightly dust it with some flour and roll into very very thin (as thin as you can but make sure poli doesn’t comes out) circle.


21. Heat a girdle and cook it from both sides till brown spots start appearing on it.


22. Now apply some ghee on bot sides and cook well again to perfection.


23. Happiness is seeing a perfectly cooked and puffed up Puran Poli.


24. Delicious hot Puran Poli is ready to serve. Smear some ghee on its top at the time of serving and enjoy.

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Puran Poli


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