Paneer Ki Kheer or Cottage Cheese Pudding, a quick recipe of kheer that is super yummy to taste and super easy to make. Since in this kheer recipe we are not using rice, so you an even have it in fasts also like Navratri etc.

This recipe is perfect for festive season also as we already have so much tasks to complete and the paneer ki kheer is one such recipe that can be made in a jiffy and you can make it in less than half and hour. 

In this recipe I have flavored the kheer with rose essence, saffron threads and cardamom powder, it makes the recipe more rich and delicate also. You can flavor your kheer with either all of these or with any one of these as per your choice. Skip adding what you don’t have. Even you can add any other flavor of your choice,  feel free to experiment. Also you can add all the dry fruits of your choice.

On eating this kheer i was feeling like I am eating a crumbled Rasmalai. This kheer is so much rich, creamy, aromatic, silky soft and velvety smooth,  melt in the mouth recipe.

So lets start with the step by step method of making Paneer Ki Kheer.


Full Cream Milk- 1.5 liter

Cottage Cheese- 1 1/4 cup

Chirongi- 2 tablespoon

Melon Seeds- 2 tablespoon

Almonds- 1/2 cup

Cashew Nuts- 1/4 cup

Sugar- As per your taste

Rose Essence- 4-5 drops

Saffron- 7-8 threads

Cardamom Powder- 1/2 teaspoon


1. Take milk in a wide bottomed pan and keep it on stove top over low – medium heat and allow it to come to a boil.


2. Meanwhile chop the cashew nuts and almonds.


3. Simmer the milk for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally or till it thickens a bit. At this stage add all the dry fruits and mix well.


4. Add saffron threads and sugar. Mix well and cook further for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.


5. Meanwhile crumble the cottage cheese and keep aside. Since I have used freshly prepared cottage cheese so I crumbled them, if you are using the frozen cottage cheese, you can grate it.


6. When the milk is reduced to its half, add crumbled cottage cheese and mix well. At this stage add cardamom powder and rose essence also and mix well.


7. Cook the kheer for next 5-7 minute so that it thickens a bit, over low to medium flame stirring occasionally.


8. Turn off the flame and allow the kheer to cool down to room temperature. Serve and enjoy.


Note: If you want you can serve this kheer either chilled or hot or lukewarm or warm. Its upto you and how you would like to eat it.


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