No bake oreo cheesecake recipe with step by step pictures

No bake oreo cheesecake is an amazing dessert that can be made anytime. As this is a no bake cheesecake, you don’t require an oven to make it. The delicious taste of Oreo cookies blended in cheesecake makes me feel out of this world whenever I prepare it. It is very easy to make and taste heavenly. Presenting the very simple recipe of no bake oreo cheesecake, do try ūüôā

No bake oreo cheesecake

No bake oreo cheesecake Ingredients:

1 cup ~ 240 ml

For crust

Oreo cookies, 15

Butter, 3 tablespoons

For filling

Marscapone cheese, 500 grams or 2 cups

You can use a good quality of cream cheese also if Marscapone cheese is not available

Heavy whipping cream, 250 grams or 1 cup

Granulated sugar, 1/2 cup

Vanilla essence or extract, 1 teaspoon

Oreo cookies, 8

For topping or decoration

Oreo cookies, 7

No bake oreo cheesecake method

1. Take a springform cake tin and line its bottom with a butter or a parchment paper. This will make the process of managing the “No bake oreo cheesecake” very easy when its done and ready to serve.

2. For making the crust of the cheesecake, take 15 classic oreo cookies in a food processor or grinder.

3. Grind or process the cookies until we get a fine crumbling powder. If you don’t have a food processor or grinder, you¬†can put all cookies in a zip lock pack and crush them using a roller or a heavy object till we have a fine crumbling powder made out of them.

4. Add three tablespoons of butter to it.

5. Mix it well.

6. Now using your hands, create the crust of the cheesecake by putting the oreo crumbs in the cake tin then spreading and firmly pressing the crumbs evenly. 

7. You can also use the bottom of a bowl or a ladle for pressing the crumbs evenly. Once the crust is ready, transfer the cake tin to the refrigerator to chill down.

8. While crust is getting chilled down, put heavy whipping cream in a bowl and start whipping it using an electric hand mixer or by using simple plain whisker. 

9. Keep mixing the cream till it gets big and thick. Manual whisking will take more time as compared to electronic one. The cream is whipped when it has increased in volume and firm or stiff peaks will form if you take your mixer or whisker out of the cream. Also, the cream should be able to hold its shape when it moved and rotated. As you can see in the picture below that whipped cream is holding on to the mixer blade firmly.

10. In another large bowl put Mascarpone cheese (or cream cheese), powdered sugar and vanilla essence or extract. 

11. Beat the mixture either by electric hand mixture or by a whisker.

12. Beat the mixture until all things are mixed properly and we have a smooth thick paste.

13. We need to add coarsely crushed 8 oreo cookies in the filling.

14. Coarsely crush them using a food processor or ziplock pack and crush them using a roller or a heavy object. Some people prefer putting small chunks of Oreo cookies instead of coarse powder, which is also fine and you can do either way.

15. Put the crushed cookies into the filling mixture. 

16. Mix well using a spatula.

17. Add the whipped cream to the mixture,

18. Mix well using a light hand by gently folding the whipped cream and filling using a spatula.

19.  Do not over mix it, you need gently fold the mixture till the whipped cream is mixed evenly in it.

20. Take the springform cake tin with crust out of the refrigerator and put the filling onto the crust. 

23. Spread it lightly using a spatula to make an even filling layer.

24. Top the cheesecake with some oreo cookies as shown in the picture below. You can also crush the cookies and spread it on the top. Decoring the cheesecake is optional and style of decoration can vary and depends on one’s own creativity.¬†

When decorated, put the cake back in the refrigerator for about 6-7 hours (preferably overnight). As it is a no bake oreo cheesecake, without any gelatin, the setting time will be more than the regular cheesecake.

Once the cake is firmly set, remove it from the springform cake tin with the help of butter paper placed in the bottom of the tin. Slice it and serve this sinfully delicious no bake oreo cheesecake to your loved one. This cake is a delight to eat and is especially loved by little ones, do try ūüôā

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No bake oreo cheesecake


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