Mohanthal Recipe with step by step picture

Mohanthal (मोहनथाल) or Besan ki Chakki is one of the most loved sweet in Gujarat and Rajasthan region. Its recipe is a bit different in both the states, ingredients are same in Gujarati and Rajasthani Mohanthal, however, there is a variation in the way Mohanthal is prepared. I have prepared the Mohanthal, Rajasthani way or a typical Jaipuri way. The taste, texture of Rajasthani Mohanthal is a delight to eat. The way of making Mohathal along with flavors of cardamom, evaporated milk (Mawa) and saffron(Kesar) imparts a royal and delicious taste to it. Mohanthal is specially made in any festive or celebratory occasion in both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Presenting below the delicious Mohantha recipe with step by step picture, do try.

Mohanthal Recipe

Mohanthal Recipe Ingredients:

1 cup ~ 240 ml

For making Muthiyas:

Gram flour (Besan), 2 cups

Clarified butter (Ghee), 1/4 cup

Milk, 1/4 cup

More clarified butter or Ghee (as per requirement) for frying the Muthiyas

Other ingredients:

Evaporated milk (Mawa), 1/2 cup

Clarified butter (Ghee), 1/4 cup

Granulated sugar, 1 and 1/4 cups

Water, 3/4 cup

Saffron (Kesar), A pinch (optional)

Crushed cardamom (Elaichi) seeds, 1/2 teaspoon

Chopped almonds and pistachios for garnishing, about 1/4 cup

Mohanthal Recipe Method:

1. Put gram flour (Besan) in a bowl, add clarified butter (Ghee) to it. 

2. Mix it with fingers of your hands such that it achieves crumbling consistency. The texture should be like if you bind the mixture with your hand it will form a lump as shown in the picture below.

3. Add 1/4th cup of milk to it. 

4. Knead the mixture to make a firm dough

5. Roll and divide the dough into small chunks.

6. Tightly grip a chunk in your hand to cast knuckle shape in the chunk. This kind of chunk is called Muthiya.

7. Similarly, make Muthiyas out of the remaining chunks of dough.

8. Heat clarified butter (Ghee) in a wok or Kadahi.

9. Fry Muthiyas (Chunks) on low flame, flipping on regular basis, till they turn golden brown from all sides.

10. Remove cooked Muthiyas from the wok and fry all the remaining Muthiyas in batches. Keep them aside to cool down completely. 

11. Now, put evaporated milk (Mava) in a heated wok or Kadahi on medium-low flame.

12. Cook till it becomes golden brown, stirring continuously. Switch off the flame and keep it aside for later use.

13. Crush fried chunks (Muthiyas) using the hands when they get cool down completely.

14. Crush all the Muthiyas till they become small chunks as shown in the picture below.

15. Grind the crushed chunks to make a fine powder of them.

16. Sieve the mixture to discard any leftover small chunk while grinding.

17. You can again grind the leftover chunks after sieving the powder.

 18. When the grounded powdered mixture is completely sieved, keep it aside for later use.

19. Heat 1/4 cup of clarified butter or Ghee in a wok (Kadahi) or a pan.

20. Add the powdered and sieved mixture of fried Muthiyas to it.

21. Cook the mixture, till it turns golden brown on a low flame, stirring continuously.

22. Add roasted evaporated milk (Mawa) mixture to it and give it a quick mix on a low flame.

23. Switch off the flame and keep it aside for later use.

24.  Meanwhile, take another pan and add water and sugar into it.

25. Add saffron threads in it, adding saffron is optional, but if added, saffron will impart a nice color and flavor to Mohanthal.

26. Bring it to a boil, stirring continuously

27. Turn the flame to low and cook till it achieves one string consistency. Switch off the flame and keep the syrup aside.

28. When sugar syrup turns warm from very hot, add the roasted mixture in a large bowl.

29. Add crushed cardamom (Elaichi) seeds powder to it.

30. Pour warm sugar syrup (prepared Chashni) in the mixture.

31. Mix very well for around 3 minutes, by stirring continuously. After mixing it very well, cover and leave it aside for 15 minutes. 

32. After 15 minutes, sugar syrup is absorbed by the mixture and your Mohanthal mixture is ready to set.

33. Grease the tray with clarified butter (Ghee).

34. Put the mixture in the greased tray.

35. Spread the mixture to form a thick and smooth layer.

36. Garnish it with chopped almonds and pistachios. Allow the mixture to set for 4 hours

37. Once cooled, cut it into the desired shape.

Delightful Mohanthal is ready to serve. Serve this delicious and melt in mouth Mithai to your loved one and they will not believe that you made them at home.

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Mohanthal Recipe


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