I love the freshness and delicious taste of home made mixed fruit Jam. Since childhood I have been eating mixed fruit Jam, and I have tried each brands version of this yummy condiment. Most of the commercially available mixed fruit Jam contains artificial colours and preservatives which are used to increase its shelve life and to make it attractive. But, I am a firm believer of the fact that all these preservatives and colours decreases Jam’s freshness, tastes and nutrition content. And this belief is getting stronger day by day as I am learning more about food and nutrition. I always wanted to make this wonderful Jam at home and at last I did it. Presenting below my take on this delicious condiment, which is made of fresh mixed fruits and is free from harmful preservatives and artificial colours. Its also safe for kids having allergies from artificial colours and preservative. Below is step by step recipe for mixed fruit Jam, do try!


Mixed Fruit Jam ingredients:

2 Apples

2 Bananas

Pulp of 3 Oranges (they need to be peeled and then each slice is slit into half to remove the outer membrane and seeds)

2 cups of black Grapes

1/2 cup of green Grapes

10 Strawberries, cleaned and chopped

1 cup of cleaned, peeled and roughly chopped Pineapple chunks

2 cups of cleaned, peeled and roughly chopped Papaya chunks

3 cups of granulated Sugar

Juice of a Lemon

1/4 teaspoon of Salt

Mixed Fruit Jam Method:

1. The first and most important thing is to place all the required fruits at one place, which will make your mixed fruit Jam making process easier. Its important to peel and cut Apples and Bananas only when you start making the Jam, otherwise they will get oxidized and will loose their taste and texture.


2. Now in a blender Jar, put peeled and diced Bananas, also you need to clean, peel and roughly chop Apples and put them into the blender Jar along with Bananas.


3. Immediately add green and black Grapes along with Orange pulp into the blender and blend all of them together  form a Puree. 


4. Then add chopped Pineapple and Strawberries into the puree and then again blend them well to form a smooth mixture.


5. As my blender Jar has reached its capacity level and still I needed to blend Papaya into the mixture, so I had take out half of the fruit mixture in a separate bowl so that enough room should be there for mixing and blending Papaya chunks.


6. Now add Papaya chunks into the blender and blend all of them together to form a smooth mixture. If your blender Jar is small, you can blend the fruits in batches and finally just mix them together.


7. Now in a heated pan add the pureed mixed fruit mixture on a medium low flame.


8. Add granulated Sugar into the mixture.


9.  Keep it on medium flame and keep stirring it in between. Also, place two or three bowls in freezer, which are going to be used later to test setting state of mixed fruit Jam.


10. Keep it cooking till it reaches thick consistency and bubbles starts forming and popping on the surface on medium flame.


11. When Jam starts to thicken up add juice of a Lemon into it and mix it well. 


12. Next add 1/4 teaspoon of Salt and mix it well.


13. Keep it cooking till it reaches thick consistency and is almost getting set.


14. To check whether Jam has achieved setting consistency, take out one of the bowl that has been placed in freezer in step number 9. Place more than half a teaspoon of cooking mixture on the bottom of cold bowl and wait for 10 seconds or till the mixture gets cool down a bit.


15. Now using you clean and dry finger draw a line from the middle of the mixed fruit Jam mixture on the bowl to create a passage. If the passage remains intact then Jam has achieved the desired consistency.  


16. To be be very sure, hold the bowl vertically and passage should remain intact. If mixture trickles or drips and merge the passage then Jam is not yet set. Cook the mixture again for 4-5 more minutes and repeat the process using another cold bowl till Jam is set.


17. Turn off the heat and allow mixture to cool down a bit.


Store it in Jar or any other container and let it cool. Once cooled, you can store it in Refrigerator for up to four months, but I bet it will get vanished much earlier than that :-).

This super fresh and amazingly tasty mixed fruit Jam is ready to be spread on Breads, Buns, Parantha or Poori. Do try this simple Jam recipe and enjoy the real taste of seasonal fruits.


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