Matar ka Nimona recipe with step by step pictures

Matar Nimona is a winter side dish which is specially prepared in Uttar Pradesh region. This dish has lots of variations, from adding cauliflower or Moong Vadi in the gravy to a special no onion no garlic Matar ka Nimona prepared in Desi Ghee or clarified butter. Presenting below my way of making this super delicious side dish. do try :-).

Matar Nimona Recipe

Matar Nimona Ingredients:

Green peas (Matar) – 2 cups

Potatoes – 2 medium sized

Tomato – 1 medium sized

Onion – 1 medium sized

Mustard Oil – 3 tablespoons

Green Chilli – 1

Ginger – 1 and 1/2 inch in size

Fresh green coriander (Hara Dhania) – A bunch

Garlic cloves – around 7-8

Asafoetida (Hing) powder – 1/4th teaspoon

Cumin seeds (Jeera) – 1 teaspoon

Turmeric (Haldi) powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Coriander seeds (Dhania) powder – 1 teaspoon

Red Chilli powder – 1/2 teaspoon (If you like your gravy to be hot, then use 1 teaspoon of red chilli powder)

Garam Masala powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Salt as per taste

Matar Nimona Method:

1. Put cleaned fresh green coriander, garlic cloves, roughly chopped ginger and green chilli into a small grinder jar. Add some water in it which will help the mixture in grinding.

2. Grind it to make a smooth green paste.

3. Then put roughly chopped tomato in the grinder and grind it to make fresh tomato puree.

4. Next, put roughly chopped onion chunks in the grinder and grind it to make a smooth paste.

5. Finally, put fresh green peas into the grinder.

6. Grind it to make pea paste which is a bit grainy. We have now prepared our pea, onion, tomato and green paste to start the cooking process.

7. In a heated Pan, add mustard oil on high flame and wait till light smoke comes out of the oil. 

8. Turn the flame to medium and add cleaned, peeled and diced potatoes into it. 

9. Shallow fry them in medium flame, stirring continuously till potatoes are cooked and a beautiful golden brown crust is formed on them. Take out fried potato cubes and keep them aside or later use.

10. Now in the very same heated pan on a medium heat, add cumin seeds and Asafoetida (Hing) powder and mix them well. Let the seeds crackle for 10 seconds and turn golden brown in color.

 11. Now add grated onion paste into it and mix it well. 

13. Cook the mixture on medium flame, stirring occasionally till grated Onion turn golden brown in color.

14. Now add green pea paste into it and mix it well. Cook the mixture on medium flame, stirring continuously for 4-5 minutes or till the rawness of the pea paste is gone and its cooked.

15. Add coriander seeds powder, Garam masala powder, turmeric powder, red Chilli powder and salt as per taste. Mix all things well.

16. Now add tomato puree into it and mix it well. Cook it on medium flame stirring continuously for 2-3 minutes.

17. Add green paste into it, mix it well and cook it for two-three minutes by stirring continuously.

18. Add fried potato cubes into it.

19. Add around two cups of water into the paste and mix it well.

20. Turn the flame to high till mixture starts to boil. Once mixture boils, turn the flame to low and cook it for 2-3 more minutes or depending on how thin or thick you want your Matar Nimona gravy to be. 

Delicious and super yummy Matar ka Nimona is ready to be served with Rice or Parantha. Do try this amazing dish from Uttar Pradesh (specially from Awadh and Banaras reagion), its really super tasty. Enjoy it with steamed Rice or Parantha.

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Matar Nimona Recipe

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