Bottle Gourd or Ghiya or Lauki Cutlets for fasting are great snack to munch in during fasting period. Its full of grated “Lauki” which is a super healthy and nutritious vegetable. Generally, during Indian fasting period such as Navaratras, the only fritters we make is Kuttu or Singhare ke Aate ke Pakode, which generally has Potatoes. I tried to make them a bit healthy by replacing Potatoes with Lauki or Bottle Gourd. I have used Water Chestnut flour (Singhare ka Aata) as a binding agent for these lovely cutlets. Presenting below step by step recipe of Lauki Cutlets for fasting, do try, they are really delicious.

Lauki Cutlets for fasting

Lauki Cutlets for fasting Ingredients:

One medium sized Lauki ( aka Ghiya, Dhoodhi, Bottle Gourd, Calabash), approximately 750 grams

1/2 cup of Water Chestnut flour (Singhare ka Atta)

2 Green Chilies

Rock salt (Sendha Namak) as per taste

1/2 teaspoon of Red Chili powder

1 teaspoon of roasted Cumin seeds (Jeera) powder

Lauki Cutlets for fasting Method:

1. Clean and peel the Bottle Gourd (Lauki), then grate it using a grater.After grating it squeeze all the liquid out of grated Bottle Gourd using your hands. You need to squeeze it firmly such that all the liquid comes out of it. It will result in roughly one and a half cups of grated Lauki or Bottle Gourd.

(Note: Lauki should be grated when we are preparing the cutlets or fritters otherwise, if grated and stored in advance it will turn brown in color as it gets oxidized pretty fast)


2. Take grated Lauki, Water Chestnut Flour (Singhare ka Atta), chopped green Chilies, Rock Salt (Sendha Namak), Red Chili powder and roasted Cumin seeds (Jeera) powder in a bowl.


3. Mix it well to form a dough as shown in picture below.


4. Now take small amount of mixture into your hand and roll it gently to make a flat ball as shown in the picture below.


5. Put these balls in a heated frying pan with oil in it on medium heat.


6. Flip it once when the side of balls inside the oil gets light brown in color and fry it till the other side turns golden brown also.


7. Take them out in a plate with tissue, which will absorb the excess oil out of them.


Delicious and super easy to make Lauki Cutlets or Bottle Gourd fritters for fasting are ready to eat. Serve them hot with fasting chutney of your choice and enjoy!

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Lauki Cutlets for fasting

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