Khandvi recipe with step by step pictures

Khandvi (Patudi) is a famous Gujarati savoury snack, which is now available across India at all the famous eating joints. I first got a chance to taste this wonderful dish, around 12 years back. Since then, I wanted to make them, but always heard of stories of how difficult they are to make, which made me hesitant to try them at home. But, thanks to our food blog, not even I learned how to make them at home, but even dared to share Khandvi recipe with our wonderful blog readers.

Khandvi recipe

The two thing that required to make these delicious and tasty Khandvi rolls is, correct measurement and patience while cooking the Khandvi batter at low flame as it need to be stirred continuously. One more important thing is to use fresh Gram flour (Besan) for making Khandvi. If you are using stale gram flour or garbanzo bean flour, then the mixture will be less sticky and it will be difficult to roll the Khandvi. Presenting below, Khandvi recipe with step by step pictures.

Khandvi recipe

Khandvi recipe Ingredients:

1-2 green chillies ( I have used only 1 green chilli, as it was very hot, you can increase its quantity as per your taste)

1 and a 1/2 inch of Ginger

A cup of gram flour or garbanzo bean flour (Besan)

Salt as per taste

1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric (Haldi) powder

A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing) powder

A cup of Yogurt (Dahi), if Yogurt is not sour, you can mix 3-4 drops of fresh Lemon juice to make it a bit sour. Mine was sour enough for Khandvi.

1 and 3/4 cup of water

2 tablespoon of fresh grated coconut

1 tablespoon of fresh chopped green coriander

A tablespoon of refined Oil ( I have used refined sunflower oil)

1 teaspoon of mustard seeds

A teaspoon of white sesame seeds (Sarson)

1 sprig of fresh Curry leaves

A chopped green Chilli

Khandvi recipe Method:

1. First, we need to make a smooth paste of both ginger and green chillies. To make a fine paste, put them in a Mortar and Pestle.


2. Pound them, till they form a smooth paste, as shown in picture below.


3. In another large bowl, put gram flour (Besan), salt, asafoetida (Hing) powder and turmeric (Haldi) powder.


4. Add yogurt (Dahi) into the flour and spice mix.


5. Whisk all ingredients together to form a smooth paste without any lump.


6. Add water into the paste and mix it well.


7. Put ginger and green chilies paste into the thin batter.


8. Give the mixture a quick final mix so that all things are gelled well.


9. Now pour the mixture on a thick bottom wok or a pan and switch off the flame to high.


10. Cook the mixture on high, stirring continuously, till it starts making small bubbles and is thoroughly heated. Now turn the flame to low.


11. It is very important to that mixture needs to be stirred continuously while its getting cooked. You will notice that it will slowly get thick. 


12. Cook the mixture on a low flame, stirring continuously till it becomes a bit thicker and turning into a consistency of a loose lump. It took me around 18 minutes of continuous cooking to achieve this consistency. But, cooking time depends also on your flame intensity and thickness and type of pan you are using for making it. The key is to continuously stir the mixture on low flame. 


13. To check whether Khandvi mixture is ready for spreading, grease some oil on the back of a small saucer (Katori) and spread small amount of mixture using a spoon.


14. Allow it to cool down a bit for few seconds, then try to wrap or roll it, if its come out clean, then the batter is ready to for spreading. If it doesn’t come out or break while wrapping, then cook on again for a minute and two, and test again with small amount of the batter.


15. When it passes the spreading test, switch off the flame and immediately start the process of spreading it. Keep back side of your plates ready by greasing them. Process of spreading the batter should be done quickly, as the batter turn hard very quickly and then it would be very difficult to make Khandvi out of them.


16. Take small portion of the batter (around 1/4th or 1/5th) on back side of  greased plate as shown in the picture below.


17. Spread the batter, with light hand using a flat ladle (Palta) over the entire plate as thin as possible. Do not apply pressure while spreading. If the surface gets uneven, you can level it using back side of a heavily greased saucer. Similarly spread the remaining batter quickly on to the other greased plate. Allow them to get cooled down completely. I spread the batter a bit thick as I like a bit dense Khandvi rolls, but you can spread it as thin as you want.


18. Once mixture has cooled down completely and is totally settled, cut the spread into 1.5-2 inches strips of equal size as shown in picture below.


19. Gently pull the strip’s edge using the blunt edge of the knife, as shown in the picture below.


20. Using your finger tip, start rolling it gently in one go, without breaking it.  Repeat the rolling process for all the strips. 


22. Repeat the scrolling or rolling of Khandvi strips for all the other Khandvi mixture plates.


23. After all the Khandvis are rolled, start the process of garnishing and tempering them with aromatic herbs and spices. First of all mix together freshly chopped green coriander and grated coconut for final garnishing.


24. Heat refined Oil for tempering the Khandvi rolls. Once heated, put Mustard seeds into the oil and allow them to splutter for few seconds. 


25. Put sesame seeds into it and allow them to splutter for few seconds on low flame.


27. Once sesame seeds starts spluttering, add chopped green chillies into the oil.


28. After that add fresh curry leaves into the oil and mix all things for few seconds.


29. Evenly spread tempering over the Khandvi rolls.


30. Finally garnish them with chopped fresh coriander and grated coconut mix.


Delicious, melt in mouth Khandvi rolls are ready to be savoured as snack. Make ahead, for your guest or family and friends, refrigerate them once ready for few hours. Serve them cold, alone or with green chutney.

They are super light, soft and delicious in taste.

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