Kemami Sevai

Kemami Sevai is the first thing that comes in mind when we think of Eid or you can say Eid preparations are incomplete with making the Kemami Sevai. In Eid, two types of sevai are mandatory to make one is Sheer Khurma  and other is Kemami Sevai. Recipe of Sheer Khurma, I have already posted in my blog. You can say both Kemami Sevai and Sheer Khurma are the signature dishes for the festival of Eid.

For making Kemami Sevai I have used fine Banarasi sevai as they are the most fine variety of sevai available in the market and this makes them different from other variety of sevai and no other sevai can replace it. Please do not comprise with it else it will effect both, the taste and the texture of the Kemami Sevai.

I am a big fan of Kemami Sevai since  my childhood days. I remember I use to wait for Eid  so that my Neighbour Khan Aunty prepares these Kemami Sevai for me and I just start drooling over them. The recipe that I followed for making Kemami Sevai is also a sure shot no fail recipe of my Khan Aunty.

The richness of Khoya aka Mawa aka Evaporated Milk, the crunch of dry fruits and the texture of finest sevai of Varanasi makes these Kemami Sevai a divine experience to indulge in and you just can’t have enough of it. one more thing please increase or decrease the quantity of sugar as per your taste.

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So lets start making Kemami Sevai and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for making Kemami Sevai:

Fine Banarasi Sevai- 2.5 cups

Clarified Butter/Ghee- 1 cup

Almonds- 1/4 cup + Extra for garnishing

Cashew- 1/4 cup

Foxnuts- 1/2 cup

Chirongi- 3 tablespoon + Extra for garnishing

Dry Dates- 1/4 cup

Evaporated Milk- 2 cup

Milk- 4 cup

Water- 2 cup

Sugar- As per your taste (required to make a syrup with milk and water and I have used 2 cups of sugar).

Kewra Water- 4-5 drops

Cloves- 4

Green Cardamom- 4

Edible Orange Color- A pinch

Method for making Kemami Sevai:

1. Heat ghee and cloves in a heavy bottom pan and add sevai in it.


2. Roast over low flame till it turns nice golden brown. Be very gentle turning these sevai, as they are very delicate and can easily break. Take out on an absorbent paper.


3. In the same ghee add remaining cloves and green cardamoms.


4. Add finally chopped dry fruits and mix well. Saute over low flame till they are golden brown, but don’t over fry them.


5. Add Evaporated Milk aka Khoya aka Mawa and mix well.


6. Saute over low medium flame till it turns golden brown and start releasing ghee. It generally takes 4-5 minutes (when sauteed over low medium flame).


7. Meanwhile mix water and milk together and bring it to boil. When reduced to its 3/4th add sugar and allow it to thicken till it attains an almost 2 string consistency. This is called milk Kimam/Kemam.


8. Mix sevai in khoya and dryfruits and mix well.


9. Add milk and orange color in the sevai and mix well.


10. Allow the sevai to absorb the milk completely till it becomes dry.


11. Add kewra water and mix well.


12. Once milk is absorbed Kimami Sevai are ready to serve.


13. Garnish with sliced almonds and serve.

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Kemami Sevai

Happy Cooking…… Enjoy Eating…..!!!

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