Gajar ka Achar recipe with step by step pictures

Carrots are considered as super healthy vegetables, I have earlier shared a simple English style pickled carrot recipe, but we Indians are also master of pickling. Pickles are considered great accompaniments in Indian meal, and Gajar ka Achar is one of the most easy to make pickle. Its full of flavors of simple spices and carrots. This Gajar ka Achar has a few ingredients but tastes amazingly well. These days dietitians are going ga-ga over pickles as probiotics in pickles are considered good for health. This Gajar ka Achar is so good that you don’t need any side dish with it. I love to eat them with Roti or Parantha.  I have one another lovely Gajar Gobhi and Shalgam ka Achar recipe in the blog and this super yummy Gajar ka Achar is a jewel in my pickle portfolio.

Gajar ka Achar recipe

Gajar ka Achar recipe Ingredients:

Fresh carrots (Gajar) – 750-800 grams, around 14-15 medium sized carrots

Salt – As per taste, I have used around 1.5 tablespoons

Yellow Mustard seeds (Peeli sarson) – 3 tablespoons

Red chili flakes ( Kuti Lal Mirch) – 2 tablespoons, In place of chili flakes, you can use red chili powder also

Mustard oil (Kacchi Ghani Sason ka Tel) – 5 tablespoons

Asafoetida (Hing) powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric (Haldi) powder – 1 tablespoon


Gajar ka Achar recipe Method:

1. Peel and clean carrots (Gajar) and wash them properly.

2. Slice them into medium pieces or batons as shown in the picture below.

3. Spread the carrot batons over a cotton cloth and keep them in an open area, full of sunlight for about 4-5 hours. This will allow them to get dry in the open.

4. Drying  of carrots may take more or less time depending on the intensity of sunlight and weather condition. Keep carrot batons or slices in open till they become totally dry from outside and a light whitish color appear on the skin of carrot slices as shown in the picture below. Proper drying of carrot batons is a key thing for this pickle.

5. Put yellow mustard seeds (Peeli Sarson) in a small grinding jar.

6. Give it a quick blitz or grind it to form a coarsely grounded mixture. Do not over grind it, you need to only ensure that mustard seeds are split in two only.

7. Pour mustard oil in a heated pan. Heat mustard oil in the flame on a high flame till smoke starts coming out of oil, this will make the taste of oil less pungent and impart nice flavor to the pickle. 

8. Switch off the flame, wait for 10 seconds and then add asafoetida (Hing) powder into it.

9. Immediately after that, add turmeric (Haldi) powder into it and mix it well.

10. Next add red chili flakes (Kuti Hui Lal Mirch) and mix it well. You can use normal regular red chili powder in place of chili flakes also.

11. Add salt into the mixture and mix it well.

12. Finally add coarsely grounded yellow mustard seeds ( Peeli Sarson) into it.

13. Mix all things together.

14. Put dry carrot slices in a large bowl and add prepared pickle masala mix over the dried carrot slices.

15. Mix all the things together and ensure that carrot slices or batons should not get broken into pieces. 

16. Put prepared carrot pickle in clean and sterilized glass jar after pickle mixture gets completely cool down. Cover the jar with the lid and allow the pickle to mature. This will take around 6 to 7 days. Keep this pickle jar in sunlight daily, from morning to evening and lightly shake the jar so that all things are getting mixed properly, once in a day. I know its a bit long time but you will get and absolutely delightful Gajar ka Achar.

Your hot and delicious Gajar ka Achar or Pickle is ready to be enjoyed with any kind of meal.You can store them up to a month (if not touched by wet hands or wet spoon) but, trust me they will get vanish in less than a week. If you want to retain them longer than a month, then after 7 days, add more mustard oil into it such that Gajar ka Achar is completely submerged in it.

Gajar ka Achar recipe
Serve it with any kind of meal and it will enhance the flavor of that to the fullest.

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Gajar ka Achar recipe

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