Finger Millet Pancake (Ragi or Mandua Cheela) is very filling and wholesome dish that is full of all nutrients that our body needs.

Finger Millet ( or Ragi/Mandua) is cultivated mostly in Africa and Asia and is considered one of the healthiest food. It’s highly rich in Calcium and is considered good for growing kids and older people as it promotes bone growth and helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Its a great source of Iron and aid in curing its deficiency. Its amino acids are good for your heart and phytochemicals are great for Diabetics. Its very filling and is considered a great source of nourishment for people on diet or malnourished children.

Presenting below, wonderful savory Pancakes of this superfood that can be eaten anytime and are very wholesome and filling.



1 cup of Finger Millet (Ragi or Mandua) flour

1/3 cup of Rice flour

1/2 cup of low-fat Yogurt

1 teaspoon of Red Chili Flakes

Salt, as per taste

Water as per requirement

1 medium sized Onion, peeled, cleaned and finely chopped

1 sprig of Curry leaves

1 teaspoon of refined Oil for greasing the nonstick Pan (I have used Sunflower Oil)


1. In a bowl put Finger Millet (Ragi or Mandua) flour, Rice flour, Yogurt, Salt and Red Chili Flakes.


2. Whisk all the ingredients together to form a thick Pancake batter. Add water if the batter is too thick only. Keep it aside for half an hour. After 30 minutes, give batter again quick whisk and add water if it becomes too thick after half an hour.


3.  In a heated nonstick and greased with Oil flat Pan, pour Pancake (Cheela) batter mix from a Ladle.


4.  Spread the Pancake (Cheela) batter slowly in a circular way using the Ladle as shown in the picture below.


5. Once it gets evenly spread, immediately top it with chopped Onions and Curry leaves such that topping evenly covers the Pancake (Cheela) area as shown in the picture below. Now cook it on a medium high flame till edges of it start turning light brown and remember to press the topping using a flat Ladle in between such that topping sticks to the cooking batter.

6. Flip it to the other side and cook it again till the other side also gets light Brown in color or get cooked properly.


7. Flip once more and cook for another 30-40 seconds on medium-high flame.

Calcium and Iron rich, delicious Finger Millet pancakes (Ragi Cheela) are ready to be served with Chutney of your choice. Enjoy!

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