Bhaang Ki Chutney is very popular among Kumaoni dishes. It is mouthwatering. Here are some easy to follow steps how to make Bhaang ki chutney. It is one o the most popular and preferred recipe of the Uttarakhand cuisine and no meal is complete without it.

Bhaang Ki Chutney (Hemp Seed Chutney)

Bhaang ki Chutney, made of roasted hemp seeds or Bhaang is a very popular side dish from Uttarakhand. If you love Uttarakhand cuisine, you will definitely love the rustic flavors of this chutney. Infused with traditional Indian Bhaang or Hemp seeds , the strong flavors of this chutney will transform any and all of your meals!!!

Bhaang Ki Chutney is a signature recipe of the Uttarakhand cuisine, made with Bhaang aka Hemp seeds, grinded to make a delicious chutney that can be served as an accompaniment to other dishes. Bhaang aka Hemp Seeds, borne on a plant more famous for its associations with the hallucinogen marijuana, the seeds are not at all psychoactive. They are, in fact, a essential pantry ingredient in the mountains or hill areas.

Hemp seeds aka Bhaang is often called a super food because of its High nutrition Profile. They help in improving digestion and metabolism. They are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health. They are rich in soluble and un-soluble fibers which naturally cleanses the colon and reduces the sugar cravings. They are also rich in phyto-nutrients with many important minerals and vitamins like B-complex, vitamin A and D.


Bhaang seeds have a coarse hull and are not available de-hulled. So the texture of this chutney is somewhat nutty and crunchy. Roasted bhaang seeds when crushed release an aroma that is very similar to roasted sesame seeds.

So let’s start making Bhaang ki Chutney aka Hemp Seed Chutney and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for Bhaang Ki Chutney:

Bhaang- 1/2 cup

Cilantro Leaves- 1 cup

Green Chilies- 3-4

Garlic- 10-12 cloves

Lemon Juice- 2 teaspoon (or as required)

Salt- As per your taste

Black Salt-1/2 teaspoon

Cumin Powder- 1 teaspoon

Method for making Bhaang Ki Chutney:

1. Heat a pan and dry roast hem seeds in it, till they are fragrant and starts crackling. Keep the flame low while roasting the hemp seeds, else they will burn.


2. Allow them to cool down a bit and then grind them well using an electric grinder.


. 3. Add peeled garlic cloves, green chilies, cilantro leaves and little water in it. For a more prominent flavor of cilantro use its stem also along with the leaves, as they are rich in flavor and aroma. Grind them to a smooth paste.


4. Add salt, lemon juice and cumin powder in it and mix well.


5. Add black salt and mix well.


6. Pulse the grinder again for 10 seconds to mix them all.


7. Bhaang Ki Chutney is ready to serve. You can enjoy it with pakore, bhajiye or even with poori or paratha. It will taste best in either way.

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Bhaang Ki Chutney (Hemp Seed Chutney)


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