Bel Ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Sherbet recipe with its step by step pictures. 

Bel Ka Sharbat (Wood Apple Sherbet)

Bel Ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Sherbet is a boon drink for the hot, humid and blazing summers, that are approaching  the Northern part of our country.  A mature, ripe wood apple has laxative and medicinal properties and is considered very good for digestion and treating sun strokes.

Wood Apple or Bel is rich in  nutrients, vitamins, and organic compounds, including their tannins, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, protein, and iron. This is good for people suffering from diabetes. It counteracts diabetes by managing the insulin and glucose levels. Bel is an amazing natural energy booster and is low on calories also, thus making it a perfect drink to quench the thirst for weight watchers also. 


So let’s start making Bel Ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Sherbet and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for making Bel Ka Sharbat:

Wood Apple (Bel)- 1, medium size

Sugar- 3/4 cup

Water- 5-6 cups

Lemon Juice- 1 tablespoon (optional, I haven’t used)

Ice Cubes- As required

Method of making Bel Ka Sharbat:

1. Take a medium size, ripe wood apple and break open it. Be careful while doing this and don’t injure yourself.


2. With the help of a knife scrape out all the pulp inside the wood apple. Again be very careful while doing this.


3. Take water in a big mixing bowl or pan and add the wood apple pulp in it. Mix it well with a spoon and soak it in water for 45 minutes.


4. Take it out from the refrigerator and with a ladle or spoon mix it well. Press the pulp with the back side of the ladle so that pulp gets mixed with the water. You can do this with your hands also.


5. Strain the juice with a juice strainer. Keep pressing the pulp with the back side of a spoon while straining the pulp.


6. Add sugar to the juice and mix it well till sugar crystals dissolve completely.


7. Refrigerate Bel Ka Sharbat aka Wood Apple Sherbet for 1-2 hours.


8. Take out of the refrigerator and add few ice cubes in it.


9. Just stir it once before serving and it is ready to serve. Pour into glasses with some ice cubes and serve chilled. Enjoy.

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Bel Ka Sharbat (Wood Apple Sharbat)


1. You can increase or decrease the quantity of sugar as per your taste.

2. You can also add some roasted cumin powder, lemon juice and black salt if you want to give it a sweet and tangy taste.



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