Batata Vada is a popular Indian vegetarian street food in Maharashtra, India. What could be the better way to enjoy monsoon than having hot and spicy batata vada. The name “Batata” means potato and “Vada” means crispy, deep fried, potato mash patty coated with chick pea flour. Though Maharashtrian in origin, Batata Vada is very popular in other cities of India as well. 

Batata Vada

Batata Vada has two key components, spicy potato filling and chickpea flour batter used to coat the patty made with potato filling. Making batata vada is easy, just prepare the potato filling, temper it with spices, make them into balls or patties, coat them in the chickpea flour batter and deep fry them.


Batata Vada tastes best when served with salted & fried green chilies, dry garlic chutney or coriander-mint chutney along with a cup of hot masala tea. You can even relish these batata vada with tomato ketchup or chili sauce. 

So let’s start making batata vada and here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

Ingredients for Batata Vada:

Potatoes- 4-5, medium size (Boiled, peeled and mashed)

Ginger- 1.5 inch, finely choped/grated

Garlic- 4-5 thick cloves, finely chopped/grated

Green Chilies- 3-4, finely chopped

Curry Leaves- 10-12

Salt- As per your taste

Oil- For deep frying (I have used refined sunflower oil) + 2 tablespoon


Turmeric Powder- 1/2 teaspoon

Red Chili Powder- 1 teaspoon (optional)

Dry Mango (Amchoor) Powder- 1 teaspoon

Asafoetida- 1/4 teaspoon

Split Black Gram (Dhuli Urad Dal)- 1/2 teaspoon

For Batter:

Chickpea Flour (Besan)- 1.5 cup

Turmeric Powder- 1/4 teaspoon

Salt- As per your taste

Fruit Salt (Eno)- 1.5 teaspoon (optional)

Method for making Batata Vada:

1. Heat 2 tablespoon oil in a pan and add split black gram and mustard seeds in it.


2. When they start crackling add asafoetida in it and stir them all.


3. Add finely chopped green chilies and curry leaves in it.


4. Add finely chopped ginger and garlic in it and stir it once. Saute over low medium heat till the raw aroma of ginger and garlic goes away. I have finely grated ginger and garlic instead of chopping.


5. This is how it will look when ginger and garlic are sauteed properly.


6. Add boiled and mashed potatoes in it.


7. Add turmeric powder, red chili powder (optional, I haven’t added it), dry mango powder and salt in it.


8. Mix well and cook over medium flame for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally so that it doesn’t sticks to the bottom of pan.


9. Turn off the flame and allow it to cool down. Meanwhile prepare the batter for batata vada. For this take chickpea flour, turmeric powder and salt in a mixing bowl.


10. Gradually add water and keep stirring from other hand so that no lumps are formed and you get a smooth batter of pouring consistency.


11. Batter should be neither too thick nor too thin, it should be of smooth pouring consistency.


12. Allow it to rest for 5 minutes. Meanwhile heat oil for deep frying in a pan.


13. Take a small ball size portion from the potato mix and roll it into round shape.


14. Dip it into the chickpea flour batter and coat it completely with the batter.


15. Using a spoon or your hand (which ever suits you) pour it into the hot oil. Deep fry it over medium flame till it is nice golden brown in color and raw aroma and flavor of chickpea flour goes away.


16. Make remaining batata vada also in the same way.


17. Batata Vada are ready to relish. Serve them hot with a cup of tea, fried green chilies and some dry garlic chutney and enjoy.

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Batata Vada


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