Apricot Smoothie is citrus flavored delicious Smoothie that provide good nutritional content to your body. Apricots are one of my favorite summer fruits that I love to have any time. They are very rich in Beta-carotene ( natural Vitamin A) which is very good for your skin.

The Carotenes in  Apricots help in preventing Oral and Lung Cancers. The Phyto-chemicals in Apricots reduces bad Cholesterol and is good for Heart. It has lots of Vitamin C, which boost immunity. If you want to have lots of Apricots in one go, best way to have them is, in a Smoothie. Presenting below Apricot Smoothie recipe which is good for your overall health.



1 cup of fresh Apricots (Khubani), cleaned, deseeded (seed of the Apricot can be removed by silting it length wise and pulling out the seed easily) and sliced.

Apricots come in various sizes and mine were a bit smaller hence, 7 Apricots were required to fill one cup with their slices. You can adjust the quantity of Apricots as per their sizes.

1/2 cup of low fat Milk

1/3 cup of low fat Yogurt (Dahi)

1 tablespoon of Natural Honey ( You can increase or decrease its amount if you want smoothie to be more/less sweet)


1. Place all the smoothie ingredients at one place.


2. Now put Apricot(Khubani) slices and Honey in the Blender and blend them well to form a smooth paste.


3. Add Milk and Yogurt into it and blend it again for 20 more seconds so that all things get mixed together. Remember not to over blend it after adding Milk and Yogurt.


Pour prepared smoothie in a glass, and have this flavorsome and tasty Apricot Smoothie. Its multi-vitamin rich tangy flavor will make you recharged and healthy. Enjoy!


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