About us

About us

Hi and a very warm welcome to our blog “Vegetarian’s Delight”. This blog is an attempt to create a collection of delicious and ever green 100 percent vegetarian recipes from India and around the world. We also try to make our recipes very easy to follow by providing step by step pictures of recipe preparation for a cooking newbie or an enthusiast. We ourselves are not trained cooks and its just passion for good food and continuous learning that drives us to do better each day.


Shefali holds Masters degree in Biotechnology and she is the co-founder and an active food Blogger of Vegetarian’s Delight. Besides taking care of her adorable son, she is very passionate about Plant and Industrial Biotechnology (her area of expertise) and the food she prepares. She has a passion for cooking and serving delightful vegetarian dishes. She loves to invite guests over at her place to experience her recipes. Born and brought up in Lucknow, she is a native of Almora. She loves to go out, explore new places, eat vegetarian streets foods of different types and to listen to music.


Sumantra is software professional and a passionate vegetarian food enthusiast. He too has a passion for cooking and serving delightful vegetarian dishes since childhood. Born and brought up in Varanasi, he too is a native of Almora and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and at present working in an IT company in Noida, NCR, India. He has a beautiful wife (Shefali) and is a father to a cute and naughty son. He has been experimenting with food since his school days and still now loves to cook tasty food for his family, friends, and colleagues.

The Blog:

Vegetarians Delight started in October 2014 as a result of Shefali’s recipes posted on Facebook groups liked by many folks. As her recipe posts in Facebook food groups were getting a good response, they both thought of starting a blog and posting step by step recipes on it as it was getting difficult to track, organize the content and comments on Facebook groups. Initially, Sumantra was only looking into technical aspects of the blog but now he also takes time out to share recipes like Shefali, click pictures and do social media postings. Both Shefali and Sumantra like to create new and established type of Vegetarian foods that are delicious and renowned in Indian and other cultures of the world. This blog has been a continuous learning process for both of them and is a journey starting from scratch and moving forward. Still in its initial stage, both want this blog as a platform for people looking for established and creative vegetarian recipes. The goal is high but both are full of zeal and commitment for achieving it.


Comments are very important as they are feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. Please feel free to post the comments on the blog related to cooking and recipe. It’s not a good practice to spam a blog with comments that are not pertaining to the topic of this blog. Request you to refrain spamming comments, otherwise please share your feedback, recipe request, recipe query for the blog which will definitely help us in improving and innovating it.

All photos are taken by Shefali and Sumantra unless otherwise noted. Both presently use a Nikon DSLR camera for capturing images.

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Thanks a lot for visiting our blog and enjoy cooking!


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